Sep 24

How to avoid getting pressured into a debt relief solution

Some debt relief agencies have given the industry a bad reputation. Before 2007 the industry wasn’t regulated very well and companies were not required to be registered to provide services for Debt Agreements. This changed in 2007 and all Debt Agreement Administrators must now be registered with the Insolvency Trustee Service Australia (AFSA). AFSA performs […]

Sep 10

Formally negotiate and settle your debts & avoid losing your house

Being in debt can be a difficult period for anyone. Constantly receiving harrassing phone calls and letters coupled with the feeling of helplessness you can feel when you do not know how or when you will be able to keep making repayments is stressful and depressing. If you have a mortgage and a family this […]

Aug 23

Are you looking for options to get out of debt?

If your debt situation is getting out of control you might be getting more and more desperate to find a solution to get out of debt.. At Get Debt Free we have spoken to thousands of Australians and one of the common themes we hear is that when a debt situation gets really bad, people […]

Aug 20

2 Step Plan To Avoid Bankruptcy

For many, bankruptcy is a final resort that should only be contemplated when all other options have been properly considered and investigated. If you want to avoid bankruptcy, follow these steps: Step 1 The first thing that must be done if you want to avoid formal bankruptcy is to determine if you are financially insolvent […]

Aug 20

Australian Government Initiatives to get out of debt

If your debts are getting out of control and your situation looks like you are heading towards bankruptcy, you might want to consider one of the following Australian Government Initiatives: Debt agreement Personal insolvency agreement The government provided legislation to allow Australians to legally settle their debts and avoid bankruptcy. Like most things in life […]

Aug 14

5 warning signs you need a debt solution

If you feel like your debt is slipping out of control or you feel stressed or anxious due to the amount you owe, it might be time to consider a debt solution. At Get Debt Free we have helped thousands of Australians solve their debt problems through the use of formal debt solutions. If any […]

Aug 13

How to feel less stressed with debt

Being in debt can be a stressful experience. Worrying about how you are going to make your repayments, receiving threatening phone calls or letters and the feelings of guilt and shame that force you to keep a secret from your partner or friends all combine to cause stress that can have a real negative impact […]

Aug 02

Debt Free helped Trish with a Personal Insolvency Agreement

Trish was referred to us by another company as they could not offer her a Personal Insolvency Agreement (PIA). Not many companies can offer PIAs as they need a Registered Trustee on site to provide the service. Here at Debt Free we have a Registered Trustee on site to provide these services. Trish had debts […]

Aug 02

Paying off a massive credit card debt

Paying off a credit card debt is never easy and the bigger the debt gets the more difficulty people face. If you have a massive credit card debt that you are struggling to pay off, you need to take the appropriate steps now to lessen the risk of spiraling into a crisis. If your credit […]

Aug 02

Debt Consolidation for low income earners

Debt Consolidation is a financial option for people who wish to combine several debts into one single account. It makes it easier for people to track and manage their debt repayments by combining all of their debts into one single account. Unfortunately debt consolidation can be difficult unless you are a high income earner with […]