Jul 30

Eliminate debt and Get Debt Free

Australians are some of the most indebted people on the planet. Despite a recent trend towards more savings and less spending on credit debt, our national consumer debt remains high. If you have a lot of debt you should take steps to eliminate it as quickly as possible. Follow our simple tips below: Get credit […]

Jul 20

3 Easy tips for reducing debt

Reducing debt can be difficult, but it is something that must be managed carefully. By reducing debt you can enjoy lower interest bills each month which will help you reduce  the principal debt. If you are trying to reduce your debts, here are three simple rules to keep in mind. Pay as much as you […]

Jul 20

Declaring Voluntary bankruptcy

To declare bankruptcy on a voluntarily basis, you must fill out and submit the necessary bankruptcy forms. At Get Debt Free we offer a bankruptcy form completion service where we will assist you to complete these forms for a fixed fee of $400. On these forms you must provide details about yourself and your personal […]

Jul 20

How to reduce debt

How to reduce debt Reducing your debt is an easy way to save money. Most debts attract interest, which means that the longer you owe money, the more you end up incurring in interest. Follow these steps to reduce your debts and get debt free. 1. Ask your creditors for help If you are genuinely […]

Jul 19

How to approach debt negotiation

Debt negotiation is an informal debt relief strategy which involves dealing with your creditors to try and reach an arrangement to repay them back on terms you can afford. For the debtor (you), this can be advantageous as there is no need to file for a formal agreement with your creditors, meaning no record is […]

Jul 18

Your options when consolidating credit card debts

If you need to get debt free but struggle to keep your repayments and accounts under control, you might consider consolidating all of your debts into one. This has several advantages, including making your expenses and repayments easier to track, easing stress caused by harassing phone calls or letters and giving you a clear pathway […]

Jul 12

How to deal with Credit Card Debt

Credit cards, when used sensibly, are a wonderful financial tool. Unfortunately, people often find themselves in situations where their credit card debts get out of control. They then fall into a debt spiral which they cannot hope to repay. Spending money with a credit card is simple, and it is easy to forget the consequences. […]

Jul 11

Too much debt? The warning signs to watch out for

In our modern society, going into debt is a fact of life that is often unavoidable. For most people, it is almost impossible to purchase a home or car without taking out a loan to finance the purchase.  Usually these loans are repayable over many years. Going into debt is therefore not a bad thing […]

Jun 19

Credit Card Debt Consolidation Advice

Are you thinking about consolidating your credit card debts? If you have too many credit cards, consolidating them might be the best option. There are several ways to do this. If you have never defaulted on any of your debts and have a good credit rating, you might be able to either transfer all your […]

Jun 15

Are you looking for an alternative to bankruptcy?

Have you realised that you have more debt than you are able to afford and don’t know what to do? Maybe you have had a recent crisis, lost your job or can no longer work and your debts are mounting up. Often in these circumstances, people believe that bankruptcy is their only option. It’s not. […]