Aug 02

Paying off a massive credit card debt

Paying off a credit card debt is never easy and the bigger the debt gets the more difficulty people face. If you have a massive credit card debt that you are struggling to pay off, you need to take the appropriate steps now to lessen the risk of spiraling into a crisis. If your credit […]

Jul 18

Your options when consolidating credit card debts

If you need to get debt free but struggle to keep your repayments and accounts under control, you might consider consolidating all of your debts into one. This has several advantages, including making your expenses and repayments easier to track, easing stress caused by harassing phone calls or letters and giving you a clear pathway […]

Jul 12

How to deal with Credit Card Debt

Credit cards, when used sensibly, are a wonderful financial tool. Unfortunately, people often find themselves in situations where their credit card debts get out of control. They then fall into a debt spiral which they cannot hope to repay. Spending money with a credit card is simple, and it is easy to forget the consequences. […]

Jun 19

Credit Card Debt Consolidation Advice

Are you thinking about consolidating your credit card debts? If you have too many credit cards, consolidating them might be the best option. There are several ways to do this. If you have never defaulted on any of your debts and have a good credit rating, you might be able to either transfer all your […]

May 10

Ways to reduce your Credit Card Debt

Repay more than the minimum monthly amount. Repaying only the minimum monthly amount required will take years to repay the debt. We recommend that you repay as much as you can afford every month and you will save a small fortune in interest and you will become Debt Free much sooner! Stop using the cards […]

Feb 09

Do you need help managing credit card debt?

If you are currently studying your credit card bills wondering how you got into such a bad situation, you’re certainly not alone.  Huge numbers of people every month struggle to afford the minimum monthly payment on their credit cards and are crying out for credit card help. Overspending is part of the problem.  In our […]

Feb 03

Consolidate credit card debt to take control of your debt problems

Why Consolidate Credit Card Debt? If you have one or multiple credit cards with outstanding debt and find it difficult to meet the monthly repayments you may want to consolidate credit card debt and save yourself time and money. What is debt? Debt plays an important part in our lives. It helps us build value […]

Oct 13

Manage Credit Card Tips 4: Making Repayment

The easiest way before you are trapped into credit card debt is to make sure your repayment is up to date. Delaying repayment could cause significant accumulated unpaid debt in time. Discipline yourself and ask someone to help you to remember the due date. Set an auto reminder on your diary & phone. Get yourself […]

Oct 13

Manage Credit Card Secret 1: Budgeting

As you may know that money are the main causes of personal stress and relationship breakdown. The idea here is to control your money spent. No matter how much you have, it will help you feel more secure and content. You will be surprise how much you could saved by the end of every year. […]

Oct 13

Manage Credit Card Secret 3: Banking

Choosing the right bank is very critical. Do some research about their fees and charges. If you don’t have time read their booklet, call them directly or visit the branch and ask them in person about what is the fees and charges briefly. Some banks are not charging monthly fees anymore for everyday personal account. […]