Oct 13

Credit Card Crunch

Australians owe $44 billion on credit card debts and as the cost of living spirals out of control. Credit card interest rates have continued to rise. The rate rise of 15 Australian credit card offers was 2.23% for cash and 3% for cash advances. As a result of these increases has been to push the […]

Oct 13

Saying Good Bye to Credit Card Stress

Average of 86% Australians have more than two credit cards in the same household at least. Majority of them are lower income earners. Delaying repayment and over spending are the main cause of accumulating unpaid debts. Overtime, this debt is easily become unaffordable and out of control. Debt stress as the end of result cannot […]

Oct 13

Manage Credit Card Secret 5: Zero Interest Balance Transfer

Take advantage of zero interest balance transfer credit cards and keep doing your repayment. It will save you a lot of dollars. After your debt paid off, destroy the card and close the account immediately. Don’t think twice! But if you are struggling with your credit card debt repayment, speak to us and we will […]

Oct 13

Prepaid Visa Credit Card Latest Trends

Did you know that you can get a prepaid VISA credit card at any Australia Post shops? You can top-up credit from $20 to $2000. This is the best option to have a VISA credit card payment method. You can use it any time anywhere that you see VISA logo. No more late payment and […]

Oct 13

Credit Card Lenders in Australia

These are credit card providers in Australia: ANZ American Express Aussie Bank of Queensland Bankwest Bendigo Bank BP Citibank Commonwealth Bank Coles Group CUA Diners Club GE Money Heritage HSBC IMB Jetstar Macquarie Bank Members Equity National Australia Bank Qantas American Express St George Suncorp Virgin Westpac Wizard Woolworths If you unable to pay credit […]

Oct 13

Get insurance policy and don’t risk your life

Whether you are single or family and you have debts i.e.mortgage or credit card debts, it is compulsory to have insurance for your peace of mind. You may ask an insurance broker which type of policy you should get. Your banks would also recommend based on your situation. Get more advice the better your decision […]

Oct 12

Avoid Credit Card Debt

Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics, full-time adult ordinary time earnings rose by 4.7% for males and 4.1% for females in the twelve months to May 2011. This is very encouraging news for Australian to pay their past credit card debt faster. In the twelve months to May 2011, full-time adult total earnings rose by […]

Oct 12

Manage Credit Card Tips 2: Saving

Plan ahead of your saving goal. it doesn’t have to be big and you’ll surprise of how much you would save by the end of the year. For example: Saving up for holiday trip, house deposit or even just for spare money that you may need unexpectedly. Internet banking of most banks have automatic direct […]

Feb 07

What to Do When Facing Unaffordable Credit Card Debt

For many people around the world, both young and old, credit cards can turn into more of a problem than a solution to their financial needs.