May 18

Debt Consolidation

We provide advice on debt consolidation and debt relief solutions to Australians who are struggling with debt. Debt consolidation can be a useful tool for consolidating debt, but there may be pitfalls that many people don’t know about and other options available that some other companies will not always disclose to you. Firstly a debt […]

May 18

Introduction to Debt Consolidation loans

Debt consolidations loans are used by every day Australians to consolidate more than one debts into the one loan. They are a great option because, they allow you to only repay one debt per month rather than a handful and that makes life easier. Debt Consolidation loans reduce the risk of attracting default interest as […]

May 18

Getting a debt consolidation loan: people with bad credit

Debt consolidation loans are promoted as being an excellent way of getting in control of your debts. This is true but only for people with a strong credit history. If your credit history is chequered or impaired, then it will probably be very difficult for you to acquire a debt consolidation loan unless you can […]

May 17

How do you know if you should get a debt consolidation loan?

So you are in debt and wondering how to get yourself out of it. You have heard people talking about debt consolidation loans, maybe you have seen an ad on TV or online somewhere. Whilst these loans seem like a good idea, how do you know if they are right for you. The best way […]

May 16

Avoid any disastrous outcome of a debt consolidation loan.

On the surface, a debt consolidation loan seems like a good idea. You get the benefits of one easy repayment to manage only one loan and potentially a lower rate of interest. If you are successful in applying for a debt consolidation loan you may be able to bundle various loans or credit cards and […]

Apr 30

Debt consolidation Loans for People with Bad Credit

Debt consolidation loans are often promoted as a good way for people to get control of their debts. That is correct for people who have a good credit history. Will having bad credit prevent you from getting a loan? The possibility of getting a debt consolidation loan if you have a bad credit history will […]

Apr 03

Debt Consolidation loan refused?

Has your debt consolidation loan been refused or declined? If so you may consider our alternative debt relief solutions today.

Feb 06

Credit card consolidation

Ever wondered how credit card consolidation works? Have you mentioned your debt problems to friends or family who have suggested that credit card consolidation might be an option for you, but were unsure about how to go about it. Our web site helps you understand what credit card consolidation is and how to find out […]

Feb 03

Consolidate credit card debt to take control of your debt problems

Why Consolidate Credit Card Debt? If you have one or multiple credit cards with outstanding debt and find it difficult to meet the monthly repayments you may want to consolidate credit card debt and save yourself time and money. What is debt? Debt plays an important part in our lives. It helps us build value […]

Oct 13

Options if you have been refused Debt Consolidation

If you have been refused a debt consolidation loan, you may wish to consider other options. These options may include the following, particulary if you have unaffordable debt and you are personally insolvent (ie cannot pay your debts as and when they fall due) Part 9 Debt Agreements Part 10 Personal Insolvency agreeements Debt Agreement […]