Mar 27

What is a Personal Insolvency Agreement?

Financial hardships can creep up at any time. Job loss, family issues, poor budgeting or an investment that isn’t performing to the level you had hoped, can bring into your life the unforgiving burden of too much debt. Cheques start to bounce and credit cards get declined whilst the bills continue to pile up. For […]

Dec 05

What Assets Can I keep and Buy in Bankruptcy

Only some assets are protected in bankruptcy! A bankrupt can keep the following assets up to the following limits: Car $7,350 A bankrupt cannot own a car worth more than $7,350. ┬áIf your car is worth more than this amount, your Bankruptcy Trustee will be able to sell the car, or you will need to […]

Nov 26

Understand the Restrictions of Bankruptcy

Step 5 – Understand the Restrictions of Becoming Bankrupt adobe creative suite You should fully understand the restrictions which bankruptcy may place on your life before declaring yourself bankrupt. If you can avoid bankruptcy by entering into a Debt Agreement or a Personal Insolvency Agreement, you may be able to avoid some of these restrictions […]

Nov 19

Don't Commit an Offence whilst bankrupt

Be careful not to inadvertently commit an offence whilst you are bankrupt. Committing an offence whilst you are bankrupt could lead to your bankruptcy being extended for up to 5 or 8 years and in some cases can lead to a prison sentence and/or a fine. Listed below are some offences described in the Bankruptcy […]

Nov 19

What do I need to know about becoming bankrupt?

adobe cs6 trial download If you are thinking about personal bankruptcy you are probably feeling stressed due to the pressure you are getting from your creditors constantly calling and sending overdue letters or demands. If you are feeling stressed with the constant barrage of phone calls and letters from creditors chasing and demanding payment and […]

Oct 09

What to do if you’ve been refused a debt consolidation loan

Have you tried to consolidate your debts but you have been refused a debt consolidation loan due to your bad credit history? If your debts have become too difficult to manage and you feel that you have lost control then you may wish to consider a formal debt solution. Let us explain more about your […]

Oct 08

Bad Personal Debts can risk your home

Did you know your family home could be at risk if you have ANY unpaid personal debts which exceed $5,000? essay writing service It is so easy to get into debt these days and if you let your debts get out of control you could put your family home or other personal assets at serious […]

Sep 10

Formally negotiate and settle your debts & avoid losing your house

Being in debt can be a difficult period for anyone. Constantly receiving harrassing phone calls and letters coupled with the feeling of helplessness you can feel when you do not know how or when you will be able to keep making repayments is stressful and depressing. If you have a mortgage and a family this […]

Aug 23

Are you looking for options to get out of debt?

If your debt situation is getting out of control you might be getting more and more desperate to find a solution to get out of debt.. At Get Debt Free we have spoken to thousands of Australians and one of the common themes we hear is that when a debt situation gets really bad, people […]

Aug 20

2 Step Plan To Avoid Bankruptcy

For many, bankruptcy is a final resort that should only be contemplated when all other options have been properly considered and investigated. If you want to avoid bankruptcy, follow these steps: Step 1 The first thing that must be done if you want to avoid formal bankruptcy is to determine if you are financially insolvent […]