Mar 04

I have to thank Get Debt Free

I have to thank Get Debt Free for their professional and quick solutions to my debt solution, since sorting it out in 2009, I felt secure in knowing my future was being sorted out, Thanks to Jack and the team as well, as they were also able to help me during my agreement to ensure […]

May 22

After a long and stressful journey I am now Debt Free!

Thanks to Debt Free for the support and guidance over last few years, which has helped me to successfully complete my Personal Insolvency Agreement.  I now appreciate the hard line you had to take at times when I fell behind in my PIA repayments.  My journey was tough and I had to overcome many obstacles, which included me losing my job […]

Apr 11

Thanks from Ross and Teri

G`day Jack, I have just received information that my debt agreement has been discharged.  Teri and I would just like to thank you for the professional and understanding way you handled our debt agreement for the past 5 years. In 5 years a lot can change and you made a difficult time a lot easier. […]

Jan 22

Just make the call!

Get Debt Free at 1800 981 070 changed my life for the better.  All I had to do was admit I was out of my depth with credit card debt and recognise that it was making me ill waiting for the next bill to arrive. In many ways debt is like alcoholism and once you […]

Oct 22

Commendation Jack Panaghis

Dear Anthony, essay service I want to thank you for employing Jack Panaghis. He has managed my debt agreement since its initiation 5 years ago (final payment made today) and he has been consistently outstanding! And I mean consistently outstanding! His manner is filled with warmth and he is absolutely  focussed on ensuring the best possible […]

Aug 02

Debt Free helped Trish with a Personal Insolvency Agreement

Trish was referred to us by another company as they could not offer her a Personal Insolvency Agreement (PIA). Not many companies can offer PIAs as they need a Registered Trustee on site to provide the service. Here at Debt Free we have a Registered Trustee on site to provide these services. Trish had debts […]

Jun 08

I was that far in debt, it felt like I was drowning

I was that far in debt, it felt like I was drowning.  I suffered from depression, with constant harassing phone calls and letters from debt collectors, it was slowly taking its toll on me.  I tried to get my bank to help but they were not very helpful at all.  I saw an advert for […]

May 07

A Personal Insolvency Agreement was what we needed

Dear Debt Free, I would like to thank you and your team again for all the help and understanding with our situation.  When my husband lost his job we thought that he would only be unemployed for a short time.  As time went by and the longer it was taking to find a job, we […]

May 04

Thank you GetDebtFree

To Jack and the ‘GetDebtFree’ Team, I first contacted you for assistance five years ago when I had become of course, massively in debt. I was being hounded by several institutions and all I could see was bills piling up, all from being a foolish youth with a magic piece of plastic in my hands. […]

Apr 30

“Back on track” with a Debt Agreement

I would like to thank Get Debt Free for all their help. Get Debt Free helped me avoid bankruptcy and helped me getting my life back on track through a Debt Agreement. Get Debt Free is a very professional organization which listened and I found easy to approach. I could never imagine my life without […]