Apr 01

Thank you Debt Free! We can now enjoy financial freedom.

I would like to thank Jack, for your help for the past 5 years. You have always been approachable and professional. You have managed to answer any questions that I or my wife have had. I would not be in the position that I am today if it was not for Jack and Get Debt […]

Feb 02

Start Living Again! another testimonial for get debt free

We are proud to share the below testimonial from yet another individual we have helped with overcome their debt problems. If you can relate to the below story, and would like to be free of debt, give us a call or request a debt assessment ‘My name is Jeff and I am an office Manager […]

Jan 30

Trapped in a cycle of debt

Day after day, Year after year we tried to maintain payments to our creditors as were trapped in a cycle of debt. We were receiving constant telephone calls and letters requesting to pay more than we could afford. After being blinded by the drowning of debt for so long we woke up one morning and […]

Jan 12

I am now looking forward to a safe and secure retirement in 15 years

“I have been a client of Get Debt Free for some time now, specifically with Jack Panaghis. I am a firm believer in giving praise where it is due. I have been in business for many years and due to some difficult times required your services. Jack has been my contact since inception and I […]

Aug 16

Debt Free changing my life!

Get Debt Free assisted me in regaining my financial freedom! I had excessive credit card debt and it got to the point where it was so overwhelming, I needed help. The Debt Agreement provided me with relief and support and before I knew it, the debt started disappearing! 3 years on I am DEBT FREE! […]

Feb 18

I had sleepless nights before speaking to Debt Free

Life had become difficult. Sleepless nights, panic attacks whenever the phone rang, dizziness on receipt of threatening letters and invoices of ever increasing debt, short tempered and snapping at everyone around me. These were some of the nasty symptoms I experienced as a result of my inability to maintain repayments to all the creditors since […]

Feb 17

I was convinced I would have to go bankrupt

I had tried to maintain payments to my creditors, but found myself struggling to meet the minimum payments. I found myself in a situation where I didn’t know where to turn for help and I was receiving constant telephone calls requesting me to pay more than I could afford and I was convinced perhaps Bankruptcy […]

Feb 16

A big thank you – you helped me avoid bankruptcy

Thank you to all the staff at “Get Debt Free” who over a very painful year managed to give me the mental freedom to get on with my life and with a manageable debt that I can now repay. I avoided bankruptcy by entering into a Personal Insolvency Agreement. Get Debt Free negotiated the Personal […]

Feb 15

We didn’t know who we could trust

When my husband lost his business in the Global Financial Crisis economic downtown we became overwhelmed with bills, debts and loss of income. Our lives were turned upside down and we worried that our financial life would be ruined forever. We didn’t know you we could trust to help us with professional debt advice. However […]