Aug 20

Australian Government Initiatives to get out of debt

If your debts are getting out of control and your situation looks like you are heading towards bankruptcy, you might want to consider one of the following Australian Government Initiatives: Debt agreement Personal insolvency agreement The government provided legislation to allow Australians to legally settle their debts and avoid bankruptcy. Like most things in life […]

Aug 14

5 warning signs you need a debt solution

If you feel like your debt is slipping out of control or you feel stressed or anxious due to the amount you owe, it might be time to consider a debt solution. At Get Debt Free we have helped thousands of Australians solve their debt problems through the use of formal debt solutions. If any […]

Aug 13

How to feel less stressed with debt

Being in debt can be a stressful experience. Worrying about how you are going to make your repayments, receiving threatening phone calls or letters and the feelings of guilt and shame that force you to keep a secret from your partner or friends all combine to cause stress that can have a real negative impact […]

Aug 09

Do you need a solution to your debt problems?

Are your debt problems getting out of hand? Do you need a solution but are unsure of who to ask or what your options are? Get Debt Free can help. We have helped thousands of Australians just like you solve serious financial problems and we can get the best solution for you. We run a […]

Aug 02

Paying off a massive credit card debt

Paying off a credit card debt is never easy and the bigger the debt gets the more difficulty people face. If you have a massive credit card debt that you are struggling to pay off, you need to take the appropriate steps now to lessen the risk of spiraling into a crisis. If your credit […]

Aug 01

Managing your money to stay debt free

If you have recently become debt free we recommend that you use our 4 simple tips to stay debt free. Save save save Every time you are paid ensure that you put a small amount into a separate savings account. It doesn’t matter how much but, if you make a regular commitment to save you […]

Jul 30

Eliminate debt and Get Debt Free

Australians are some of the most indebted people on the planet. Despite a recent trend towards more savings and less spending on credit debt, our national consumer debt remains high. If you have a lot of debt you should take steps to eliminate it as quickly as possible. Follow our simple tips below: Get credit […]

Jul 20

3 Easy tips for reducing debt

Reducing debt can be difficult, but it is something that must be managed carefully. By reducing debt you can enjoy lower interest bills each month which will help you reduce  the principal debt. If you are trying to reduce your debts, here are three simple rules to keep in mind. Pay as much as you […]

Jul 20

How to reduce debt

How to reduce debt Reducing your debt is an easy way to save money. Most debts attract interest, which means that the longer you owe money, the more you end up incurring in interest. Follow these steps to reduce your debts and get debt free. 1. Ask your creditors for help If you are genuinely […]

Jul 19

How to approach debt negotiation

Debt negotiation is an informal debt relief strategy which involves dealing with your creditors to try and reach an arrangement to repay them back on terms you can afford. For the debtor (you), this can be advantageous as there is no need to file for a formal agreement with your creditors, meaning no record is […]