Thank you GetDebtFree

4 May 2012 by Anthony Warner in Testimonials
To Jack and the ‘GetDebtFree’ Team,
I first contacted you for assistance five years ago when I had become of course, massively in debt. I was being hounded by several institutions and all I could see was bills piling up, all from being a foolish youth with a magic piece of plastic in my hands.
After speaking with GetDebtFree it was made clear that I had two options, 1 – Declare bankruptcy 2: Accept their assistance in helping me ‘Beat my Bills’.
After swallowing my pride and realising that I needed help in my situation I followed all the procedures that were set in place for a payment plan that suited both GetDebtFree and myself.
Over the years I was encouraged and empowered by GetDebtFree knowing everything was going smoothly as I had enough money to live comfortably with the added benefit of paying off a huge debt on my shoulders.
So the time has now come and my debt is over and done with. My utmost most appreciation for getting me through a patch of my life that I will forever be thankful to you for.
Thank you GetDebtFree. All the best to you and yours.
– Rayner M