Your rights and responsibilities

  • Make sure it’s your debt. If you are unsure, ask for proof of the debt – for example ask for a copy of the loan contract or credit application. If you believe that the debt is not yours or you disagree with the total amount, get some independent advice from a solicitor or accountant.
  • If threatened with legal action, get advice from a soloictor so you know your options.
  • If contacted by a creditor, be co-operative and polite. ┬áIf you are not treated fairly, make a formal complaint in writing to the organisation that contacted you. You should not be threatened or harassed.
  • Manage your finances carefully and set a budget that is realistic.
  • There are many free financial counselling services who can help you with managing your budget.
  • If you are struggling with your repayments please contact the company you owe the money too without delay to discuss a repayment plan.
  • When you are trying to setup a payment plan make sure the repayment is affordable and sustainable. Make sure you include all your expenses in your budget.
  • Make sure you keep copies of all letters you send to your creditors.