May 31

What debts go into a Debt Agreement?

This is the most common question we are asked “What debts go into a debt agreement?” The answer is: “unsecured debts which are provable debts” . What this means in layman’s terms is all debts which are unsecured and are provable in bankruptcy must be included in any debt agreement proposal. We explain the difference […]

May 16

Understanding the terms Secured and Unsecured debt

Secured loans A secured loan is debt which is secured by property. Most common types of property taken as security is real estate, motor vehicles, boats, caravans etc,  however other assets can also be taken as security to back the loan. Security can also be referred to as “collateral”. Once you have provided an asset […]

May 09

Debt Free helped Meryl with a Debt Agreement

Meryl is a single woman employed as a Packing Manager who was struggling with her personal loan, credit card and secured car loan for more than 12 months before contacting Debt Free for help. Meryl was earning $80,000 p.a. which she felt was enough to repay her debts . Meryl’s troubles began when the cost […]

May 07

Debt Free helped Paul with a Debt Agreement

Read how a Debt Free helped Paul with a Debt Agreement.. Paul is a single man employed as an Interior Decorator who was struggling with his personal loan and credit card for more than 12 months. Paul was earning just under $50,000 per annum. Paul’s troubles began when he lost his job due to a […]

Mar 06

Proposed reform to the Australian Credit Card Industry

The Australian government is now keen to reform the credit card industry.  The government wants to stop the banks from charging customers “over the limit fees”, which will put an end to a very lucrative income streams for many banks  The reforms also call for banks to implement appropriate IT systems so customers will not […]

Jan 17

Credit card debt stress

Australian households have recently surveyed that they are experiencing an uplift in credit card debt stress. In fact 17% of the people surveyed responded by saying that credit card debt was a bigger problem than their mortgage. The research revealed that “credit card debt overtook mortgage debt as the main form of household debt”. “This […]

Jan 17

Australian households may suffer financial stress due to floods in Queensland & Victoria

The floods in Queensland & Victoria may cause serious financial stress for Australian families. The recent floods will cost the Australian economy many billions of dollars in damage, clean up and lost revenues. It has recently been reported that the Australian floods could cost the Australian economy up to $20 billion which will put the […]

Jan 16

Stressed with debt

If you are in serious debt and it is causing stress, then you should seek professional assistance. The stress from debt could cause serious health issues if you don’t get it under control. It may be that you simply need to speak to a professional about your situation. We have trained professionals ready to assist. […]

Sep 08

Debt Consolidation Myths

Will debt consolidation reduce my debt? Debt Consolidation does not reduce debt. What Debt Consolidation does is that it bundles together “old debt” into a fresh debt consolidation loan. In other words it replaces old debt with a new debt. Will debt consolidation avoid bankruptcy? If you obtain a debt consolidation loan and pay out […]

Aug 01

Frequently Asked Questions – Existing clients

Frequently Asked Questions for Existing clients If you have entered into a Debt Agreement or a Personal Insolvency Agreement, we have prepared a series of Frequently Asked Questions to assist you in your understanding of the insolvency product you have entered into.  The questions are set out below under the different headings. My agreement has […]