Oct 09

What to do if you’ve been refused a debt consolidation loan

Have you tried to consolidate your debts but you have been refused a debt consolidation loan due to your bad credit history? If your debts have become too difficult to manage and you feel that you have lost control then you may wish to consider a formal debt solution. Let us explain more about your […]

Oct 08

Bad Personal Debts can risk your home

Did you know your family home could be at risk if you have ANY unpaid personal debts which exceed $5,000? essay writing service It is so easy to get into debt these days and if you let your debts get out of control you could put your family home or other personal assets at serious […]

Jul 20

3 Easy tips for reducing debt

Reducing debt can be difficult, but it is something that must be managed carefully. By reducing debt you can enjoy lower interest bills each month which will help you reduce ┬áthe principal debt. If you are trying to reduce your debts, here are three simple rules to keep in mind. Pay as much as you […]

May 02

How a Personal debt advisor can help you solve debt problems

Debt problems are nothing to be ashamed of and many of Australians have experienced them. With credit so easy to get over the past decade, and with the busy lifestyles we all lead today, it is entirely understandable that people sometimes find themselves in tricky debt situations. For some people however, the stress and pressure […]

Feb 18

Store Card Debt

Store card debt is becoming very common as store cards are becoming more popular with Australians. Many of the larger retailers like Myer and David Jones offer store cards. Store cards work like credit cards but the store card is restricted for use with the retailer that issues the card, which means you may not […]

Feb 18

Finance Arrears

If you have a secured loan or a HP agreement for a leased asset (for a car, boat, caravan or household goods) and you have arrears outstanding on the loan and other debts are mounting up (such a Credit Card Debt, or Personal Loan Debt, or Store Card Debt) which you cannot afford to repay […]

Feb 18

Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt has become alarmingly high in Australia. The average credit card debt per Australian has now reached $3,277. Australians spent 22 billion on credit cards in December 2009 which was a 10% rise. This was a record spend on credit cards. Australians now have a record debt level of $46.9 billion on credit […]

Feb 18

Getting a copy of your credit report

Your credit report has information about you and your credit history. You should retrieve a copy of your credit report to check that the information is correct. Credit reports can be ordered through My Credit File or Veda Advantage.

Feb 18

What about old or statute-barred debts?

You may have a defence against a debt if: Long period of time has passed (usually 6 six years but it may be different depending on which state you live); and No court action has been taken.

Feb 18

Debt collectors must act within the law when recovering debts. They cannot:

Use physical force; Harass or threaten you; Mislead or deceive you; or Take advantage of your disability or vulnerability.