Sep 04

The Ins and Outs of Debt Management

Not everyone who has a debt problem needs professional help; for some, a debt management plan is a good option that can temporarily relieve the pressure and allow you to get back on your feet. If your attempt at a debt management plan was to fail, however, you may need to consider a formal debt […]

May 26

Australians Global Leader in Household Debt

Household debt is a growing issue for Australians, with many committing themselves to ever-increasing amounts of credit card debt, overdrafts, mortgages and personal loans. The Reserve Bank of Australia has reported that the total sum of household debt is currently in excess of a whopping $1 trillion AUD. This equates to over $70,000 worth of […]

May 21

Daily Ways to Avoid Debt

If you’re struggling with household debt, even your everyday costs of living can seem overwhelming. Grocery shopping, your morning coffee and refilling the car with petrol can cause you excessive and unfounded guilt. Follow these five suggestions to keep your day-to-day spending under control and your household finances feeling more manageable: Record Your Spending – […]

Apr 21

Darrell Lea Struggling With Personal Debt After Company Liquidation

ABC News recently posted an article about the personal debt struggles of former Darrell Lea staff who were denied redundancy payments after the liquidation of the company. Personal debt can grow and become a problem quite unexpectedly, to anyone at any stage in his or her life. Following the liquidation and subsequent relocation of Darrell […]

Mar 31

40% of Australian Credit Cardholders Still Struggling From Festive Overspending

A recent report by banking and insurance comparison website Mozo shows that Australian credit card holders are still feeling the repercussions of their generous spending over the festive season. Four in ten cardholders reported inflated credit card balances or decreased personal savings as a result of their Christmas overspending. The findings show that Australian cardholders […]

Feb 17

Benefits Of Declaring Bankruptcy

For most people, the mere idea of declaring bankruptcy is enough to send shivers down their spines. Most debtors will choose to prolong their financial stress and suffering in order to avoid the sheer ‘embarrassment’ of being bankrupt. Get Debt Free wants to rid bankruptcy of its negative connotations and stigmatization by outlining the many […]

Feb 02

Debt Solutions For You

Get Debt Free has a proven track record in helping Australians to free themselves of debt. Get Debt Free offers many debt solutions to help end your personal debt problems. These are our top five quick and manageable debt solutions to help you avoid bankruptcy: Know Who And How Much You Owe The most simple […]

Mar 04

I have to thank Get Debt Free

I have to thank Get Debt Free for their professional and quick solutions to my debt solution, since sorting it out in 2009, I felt secure in knowing my future was being sorted out, Thanks to Jack and the team as well, as they were also able to help me during my agreement to ensure […]

Aug 02

Debt Free helped Trish with a Personal Insolvency Agreement

Trish was referred to us by another company as they could not offer her a Personal Insolvency Agreement (PIA). Not many companies can offer PIAs as they need a Registered Trustee on site to provide the service. Here at Debt Free we have a Registered Trustee on site to provide these services. Trish had debts […]

Jun 06

How to get out of debt: 9 simple steps

1) First off, it is absolutely vital that you stop increasing your debt. Destroy any maxed out credit cards, and reduce yourself to  a debit card.  With a debit card you can only spend the amount that you put on the card and you will never get charged interest or be allowed to overdraw your […]