Mar 31

40% of Australian Credit Cardholders Still Struggling From Festive Overspending

A recent report by banking and insurance comparison website Mozo shows that Australian credit card holders are still feeling the repercussions of their generous spending over the festive season. Four in ten cardholders reported inflated credit card balances or decreased personal savings as a result of their Christmas overspending. The findings show that Australian cardholders […]

May 10

Comparison of debt solutions

Comparison of debt solutions Please take a few moments to study the pros and cons of the available debt solutions. You will notice that not every debt solution is the same. For this reason, we recommend that you always seek professional advice before making a selection. Debt Free will provide this advice to you free […]

Nov 19

Step 4 – Complete the Forms

The Insolvency Trustee Service Australia (AFSA) publish and process Bankruptcy Forms. To become bankrupt you will need to complete and file the following documents: Statement of Affairs; Debtors Petition; and Prescribed Information The bankruptcy forms can be downloaded from the AFSA web site here, FREE of charge. Statement of Affairs A debtors' petition must be […]

Nov 19

Step 3 – Consider your Options

Bankruptcy Options If you are considering bankruptcy, you should carefully assess your options, including your options to avoid bankruptcy.  If you file for bankruptcy without carefully exploring your options it may be too late. What are my options? You can file for bankruptcy voluntarily or you can be made bankrupt through the courts (ie an […]

Nov 19

Step 2 – Get Expert Advice

It is critical that you approach an organisation with the genuine expertise in bankruptcy.  You should enquire if the organisation has a Registered Trustee that practices in bankruptcy. cheap antivirus software At Debt Free we have a private bankruptcy trustee who has a wealth of experience in practising bankruptcy, so you can be assured you […]

Nov 19

Step 1: Assess the Criteria

Do you have a connection with Australia? Australian Residents Residents of Australia are free to file for bankruptcy if you have overwhelming debts which you cannot pay. The Official Receiver at AFSA has the discretion to reject a debtors' petition if: it is not in the prescribed form; it is not accompanied by a Statement of […]

Oct 22

Debt relief and your credit rating

Debt relief and your credit rating If you wish to get personal credit in the future, including a home loan or a personal loan, then you should always try to keep your credit history clean and free of blemishes. Defaults on your credit rating usually comes from not paying bills on time which can then […]

Oct 16

Debt Reduction services

assignment writing service Debt reduction services can take many forms, either an informal agreement with your creditors or a formal agreement with your creditors. Whether we recommend a formal agreement or an informal agreement will depend on the type of debt you have, the level of debt and your household income and expenses. Here at […]

Oct 10

How to Get Debt Relief

writing paper When you are searching for a debt relief solution, finding professional advice that you can trust can be a challenge. There are so many options available and different rules and regulations to consider. To make matters worse, when you search for information about your debt relief options, so many companies will try and pitch for services differently. This can become very […]

Oct 08

Bad Personal Debts can risk your home

Did you know your family home could be at risk if you have ANY unpaid personal debts which exceed $5,000? essay writing service It is so easy to get into debt these days and if you let your debts get out of control you could put your family home or other personal assets at serious […]