Finance Arrears

If you have a secured loan or a HP agreement for a leased asset (for a car, boat, caravan or household goods) and you have arrears outstanding on the loan and other debts are mounting up (such a Credit Card Debt, or Personal Loan Debt, or Store Card Debt) which you cannot afford to repay you may need to consider a Debt Agreement or a Personal Insolvency Agreement.

If you allow the finance arrears and other debts to mount up you may lose control of your personal finances and spiral into bankruptcy.

The solutions we can provide may be:

The appropriate solution will depend upon your individual financial circumstances.

We will assess your financial situation using our Debt Advice Model with Income Contribution Calculator will calculate best Debt Repayment Plan and will recommend the most appropriate solution to meet your individual needs. We’ll discuss your situation in a strictly confidential and empathic manner. Our debt advice professionals will discuss your needs free of charge and our advice will be provided without any obligation.

Call Debt Free today Toll Free to see if we can help you solve your debt problems.

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