How to avoid getting pressured into a debt relief solution

Some debt relief agencies have given the industry a bad reputation. Before 2007 the industry wasn’t regulated very well and companies were not required to be registered to provide services for Debt Agreements. This changed in 2007 and all Debt Agreement Administrators must now be registered with the Insolvency Trustee Service Australia (AFSA). AFSA performs regular inspections of all Debt Agreement Administrators to ensure high standards.

Despite this change in 2007 some companies still remain unregistered and operate outside of the regulatory system and promote their services as pre insolvency advisors. They may not be completely up-front about this so you need to be cautious and ask the appropriate questions before you agree to any services. To avoid dealing with un registered debt agency who cannot provide the complete service we always recommend that you ask the following questions:

  1. Are you a registered Debt Agreement Administrator or Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy?
  2. Can you set up and administer a Personal Insolvency Agreement if my circumstances make me ineligible for a Debt Agreement?
  3. Are you regularly inspected by the AFSA?
  4. Were many errors recorded by AFSA in its last inspection?
  5. What are your qualifications and experience?
  6. What insurances do you have to cover any professional negligence?

If you cannot get straight answers to these very basic questions then in all likelihood you are not dealing with a reputable or fully licensed debt agency and you would be wise to shop around.

Furthermore, we recommend that you conduct your own searches. AFSA has a register of Registered Debt Agreement Administrators. To find out if you are dealing with a Registered Debt Agreement Administrator click here.

How can you know get debt free are different?

Get Debt Free are different to many other debt agencies as the company is a Registered Debt Agreement Administrator and its managing director is a Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy. That means that we can offer all personal insolvency services including:

In other words Get Debt Free are fully licensed and qualified to provide all services which means we are truly impartial as to what services we recommend.

Take a look to the right and you will see the signature and registration number of our CEO Anthony Warner. He puts his name, official registration number and as you can see by the youtube videos we have on the site, his face, to the name of company. He is committed to providing honest and professional advice and has carefully trained all of his staff to provide a high quality service.

The real way you can know that we operate differently though is by giving us a call. Not only are calls to our hotline free, but our initial consultation comes without obligation.

If you want to speak to an honest and professional debt relief agency, one to which the CEO is proud to put his name, then call Get Debt free. We can give you professional advice and talk you through your options. If you have already received advice but haven't signed anything, we can let you know if the advice you have received is right and if not, we’ll be able to guide you on the right path.

Call today on 1800 98 70 10 for advice you can trust.