Darrell Lea Struggling With Personal Debt After Company Liquidation

21 Apr 2015 by Debt Free Pty Ltd in Welcome

ABC News recently posted an article about the personal debt struggles of former Darrell Lea staff who were denied redundancy payments after the liquidation of the company.

Personal debt can grow and become a problem quite unexpectedly, to anyone at any stage in his or her life. Following the liquidation and subsequent relocation of Darrell Lea, many staff members are now facing personal debt problems. Steve Perry, 64, worked for Darrell Lea for 36 years and has an eye condition that leaves him unable to drive to the new location.

Another worker facing a personal debt crisis is Mark McNeil, 57, who cannot work at the new location due to and the distance it would take him to travel; he will be unable to quickly respond to any emergencies for his elderly mother and disabled sister should they arise. McNeil is the only available carer for the two, and also has the responsibility of providing for them.

These former Darrell Lee employees are left with no hope of recovery in the normal course following their redundancy, and are now facing unmanageable personal debt. The mounting debt is becoming increasingly difficult, as their ages and personal responsibilities are restricting their ability to find new employment. Both men have stated that they are exhausting their savings trying to manage ‘life after Darrell Lee’.

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