Saying Good Bye to Credit Card Stress

Average of 86% Australians have more than two credit cards in the same household at least. Majority of them are lower income earners. Delaying repayment and over spending are the main cause of accumulating unpaid debts. Overtime, this debt is easily become unaffordable and out of control. Debt stress as the end of result cannot be avoided.

At the same time, Australian credit card providers boost up their marketing ambition by sending out large amount of application forms in your mailbox. Be aware! Don’t be tempted with those. As long as you have regular income from any source including government benefits, they will approved it straight away. It’s that easy! And if you can’t afford to pay your credit card, it is not their lost. It is the burden of you as credit card holder may get bad credit records as consequences. This even leads to bankruptcy easily.

To avoid credit card stress, destroy your credit card and pay all your debts. Don’t delay, speak to debt specialist today!

If you can’t afford the repayment but still have regular employment, don’t be stress! You maybe eligible for debt agreement. We will assess your situation to find best option before declaring bankruptcy.

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