Oct 13

Manage Credit Card Tips 4: Making Repayment

The easiest way before you are trapped into credit card debt is to make sure your repayment is up to date. Delaying repayment could cause significant accumulated unpaid debt in time. Discipline yourself and ask someone to help you to remember the due date. Set an auto reminder on your diary & phone. Get yourself […]

Oct 13

Manage Credit Card Secret 3: Banking

Choosing the right bank is very critical. Do some research about their fees and charges. If you don’t have time read their booklet, call them directly or visit the branch and ask them in person about what is the fees and charges briefly. Some banks are not charging monthly fees anymore for everyday personal account. […]

Oct 13

Manage Credit Card Secret 5: Zero Interest Balance Transfer

Take advantage of zero interest balance transfer credit cards and keep doing your repayment. It will save you a lot of dollars. After your debt paid off, destroy the card and close the account immediately. Don’t think twice! But if you are struggling with your credit card debt repayment, speak to us and we will […]

Oct 12

Manage Credit Card Tips 2: Saving

Plan ahead of your saving goal. it doesn’t have to be big and you’ll surprise of how much you would save by the end of the year. For example: Saving up for holiday trip, house deposit or even just for spare money that you may need unexpectedly. Internet banking of most banks have automatic direct […]