Ways to reduce your Credit Card Debt

Repay more than the minimum monthly amount.

Repaying only the minimum monthly amount required will take years to repay the debt. We recommend that you repay as much as you can afford every month and you will save a small fortune in interest and you will become Debt Free much sooner!

Stop using the cards

It might sound obvious, but continuing to use your credit cards just puts the moment that you will become debt free further away. If you need to make a purchase, wait until you can afford to pay for it with cash.We strongly recommend that you stop using your credit card and apply for a debit card. With a debit card you can only spend the credit that you place on the card. Many banks now offer debit cards and are becoming very popular.

Consolidate your debts

If you have more than one credit card balance, chances are you might be finding it difficult to keep track of all of your repayments. Missing a repayment can mean late fees and some credit cards may even impose a penalty rate of interest.

By Consolidating your credit cards you can take advantage of two things:

  • You can reduce the number of individual repayments to be made each month. This makes it easier from a practical point of view in that you only have to make one payment per month.
  • If you qualify for a consolidation loan or a credit card balance transfer you may also be offered a low introductory interest rate.

Still unsure about credit card debt?

If your credit card debts are no longer affordable, you may need to consider other options. Please call today and consult with our personal debt advisors.

At get debt free we can help you work out an affordable budget to help solve your debt problems. To speak to one of our advisors call our tol free line on 1800 80 10 70